Ocelot Fox 44' Offshore Racing Sloop by Tom Wylie and Tim Kernan

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Ocelot is a Fox 44’ offshore racing sloop. She is a collaboration between Schooner Creek's Kevin Flanigan and Campbell Rivers. In 2006, Flanigan commissioned Tim Kernan to draw a sloop rig for the boat.  Schooner Creek rebuilt a Wildcat 44' by adding six Harken deck winches and two cabin winches with diverters. Also added were the traveler on deck aft of the tiller with below deck mainsheet runs and carbon fiber chainplates laminated to the carbon fiber hull. The carbon fiber stringers were raised and joined to the cockpit, and a fitted V berth was added in the forward section over the stringers to carry the rig loads.  A carbon fiber Hall spar with aft swept spreaders, Navtec rod rigging, and a running backstay were added.  A custom carbon fiber fixed bowsprit was added to carry asymmetrical spinnakers and a full batten main by Doyle Sailmakers. She uses Sectra running rigging. She was launched at Schooner Creek in 2006. 

She is powered by a 27 hp Beta Marine Motor with a saildrive.  She weighs 9,800 lbs., with 4,200 lbs. in the keel bulb at 10' of draft. Her beam is 10’ 6.5”. Her fuel is carried in the keel, which is removable for trailer transport. She has lithium ion batteries and is optimizable for distance racing with a small crew.  Below her ample 10’ cockpit, two pilot berths aft are blocked from the motor by a cloth surround. A single burner gimbaled stove and foot pump sink sit opposite a small navigation station at the base of the entry ladder.  A padded settee lines each side of the head forward of the mast. A cavernous V berth and sail storage fill the bow.

Kevin campaigned her in the Bay Area and on the west coast for 8 years.  Her top speed is 28 knots under sail. Her female hull, deck and keel molds are held by Schooner Creek Boat Works.

  • LOA: 43’ 11”

  • DWL: 40’ 0”

  • Beam: 10’ 6.5”

  • Draft: 10’ 0”

  • Displacement.: 9,800 lb.


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