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Teralani 5 - SCBW Staff

Schooner Creek Boat Works was established on the banks of the North Portland Harbor in 1977 by Steve Rander. Kevin and Shauna Flanigan purchased the business from the Randers in 2015. What began as a small boat building and repair operation with a few dedicated craftsmen is today one of the largest and most advanced boat repair, maintenance and new construction yards in the United States.

Today, the facility at Schooner Creek houses a full-service boatyard and boat building operation, including a metal fabrication shop, wood shop, full rigging loft, travel lift capacity up to 70 tons, an indoor paint booth, a dry dock, and enough space to construct, service and store dozens of vessels indoor and out.

Schooner Creek has also invested in the StormwateRx water reclamation system to ensure that all rainwater wash off is treated to remove any contaminants before it is returned to the environment.


Owners Kevin and Shauna Flanigan holdin up anniversary plaque



Whether we are constructing, repairing, or servicing a vessel, we balance thoughtful ingenuity with the performance and longevity our customers have come to expect.


We know that the sea is the final judge of the quality of our work, which is why at Schooner Creek Boat Works, we exercise exacting care and skill in every project we undertake.


Our team is made up of more than technicians - we are craftsmen and women dedicated to the timeless beauty, spirit, and tradition of our industry. We are proud to honor Portland's rich maritime history by delivering artist-level quality, every time.

Boats on Stands at Schooner Creek


Measure Twice, Cut Once

A job well-planned is a job half-done. This means being methodical in our approach, never cutting corners, and taking pride in our work. Because anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.


Consider the Greater Good 

We aim to be a force for good in the world. To do this, we must never lose sight of the big picture and what's really important. We strive to make a difference in everything our business touches - from our company, to our community, to our shared global environment.


Help Each Other

"To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together." Even the most well-constructed vessel would be nothing without its crew - and they can only be successful with an understanding of mutual trust, collaboration, and respect. 


Use the Right Sail

Selecting your equipment is a critical step in any journey - and when it comes to creative problem solving, our team likes to "think outside the boat." We believe in staying agile, embracing new challenges, and constantly pursuing improvement - to find the right solution, every time.

Mount Hood Sunrise & House Boats


Our vision is to become world-renowned as a clean boatbuilding and repair facility on the West Coast, known for employing, teaching, and fostering the next generation of craftsmen and women.


Schooner Creek envisions a future wherein we lead the way in both technology and clean practices, and are stewards of technical knowledge among our peers. We will maintain our commitment to the environment, and seek educational partnerships that preserve and strengthen Portland's rich history of boatbuilding.


This is the destination toward which we steer all our daily choices - the beacon of light that guides us to the distant shores of our legacy. Achieving this goal will be a testament to our leadership in the boatbuilding industry, and a sign that we're approaching our business the right way.


Reaching our vision is a collective effort: it requires diligence, thoughtfulness, collaboration, and ingenuity from team members across our entire organization. Above all, it demands an unwavering commitment to our mission of Craftsmanship.

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