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Alii Nui 65' Catamaran Charter Vessel Built For Maui Dive Shop

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Alii Nui is a Kurt Hughes 65’ sailing catamaran designed to strict US Coast Guard regulations to carry 100 passengers. Her 35’ beam allows ample interior space as well as deck space. In 2009 she was launched in Canoe Bay at Schooner Creek Boat Works in Portland, Oregon. Before departing to Hawaii, a Hawaiian ceremonial blessing and Hula took place on her decks. She has two trampolines and twin forward boarding ladders which descend into the ocean.

Alii Nui sails from Maalaea Harbor in Maui, Hawaii. Her sloop rig has a Ballenger spar and Harken winches, and carries Doyle sails. Her D9 Caterpillar motors give her lots of power. She has an open cabin with lanai bar and ample seating, with 8 tables around her house. Each hull holds the heads as well as a storage area and a captain’s quarters. Each stern has a boarding stairway to the deck and the helm station is raised in the center with a single wheel and sail controls. Alii Nui is built of fiberglass and epoxy over high density foam and finished with teak and mahogany interior details.

  • LOA: 65' 

  • BOA: 35' 

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