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They say great things come in small packages and Seakeeper set out to prove it. The Seakeeper 3 is their biggest smallest thing yet, specially designed to eliminate roll on ~36’ - 39’ boats. Refits have never been easier than with the Seakeeper 3’s leaning post-installation option!


IDEAL FOR BOATS:  ~36' - 39'



Eliminate up to 95% of boat roll and the danger, fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness that go with it.



Seakeeper weighs only a small fraction of the boat's displacement.



Simple installation, quiet operation, and no generator necessary. Unlike traditional fins, Seakeeper is completely internal and can be installed virtually anywhere. Regardless of where Seakeeper is installed, either on or off centerline, performance will remain the same. That’s because it’s attached to the structure of the vessel and will distribute the same forces throughout the hull.



Innovative Cooling System

Our patented cooling system allows the flywheel to spin at an extremely high rate of speed, providing ultimate performance in the smallest and lightest package possible.


Vacuum Sealed

Seakeeper’s vacuum encapsulation enables the flywheel to spin roughly three times faster, cuts flywheel weight by two-thirds and halves power requirements. Moreover, because the critical components (flywheel, bearings, and motor) are sealed for life in a vacuum, they are forever isolated from the marine environment.


Active Control

Seakepeeper’s active control optimizes gyro torque, providing an unsurpassed level of performance. Unlike a passively controlled gyro, which must be turned off in the roughest conditions and/or at higher speeds, the Seakeeper is effective at all speeds and can be used in all sea conditions.



EXTENDED WARRANTY options to suit your needs!



NOTEPrice does not include installation. Call us for an installation estimate at 503-735-0569.


Seakeeper 3 Boat Stabilizer

  • Max Rated Speed 8,450 RPM
    Angular Momentum at Max Rated RPM 3,000 N-M-S
    Max Anti-Rolling Torque at Max Rated RPM 7,854 N-M
    Spool-up Time to Max Rated RPM 50 minutes (8,450 RPM)
    Spool-up Time to Stabilization 36 minutes (7,185 RPM)
    Power Consumption
    Spool-Up Power 900 Watts Max
    Spool-Up Power Input 12 VDC @ 85 Amps
    Operating Power 400 - 750 Watts (Sea State Dependent)
    Operating Power Input 12 VDC @ 33-62 Amps
    Control Power 125 Watts
    Control Power Input 12 VDC @ 10 Amps
    Seawater Pump Power Input
    Over Current Protection based on installed pump rating
    12 VDC @ 15 Amps Max
    Weight 550 lbs (249 kg)
    Envelope Dimensions 26.8 L x 27.0 W x 23.3 H (inches)
    0.680 L x 0.685 W x 0.592 H (meters)
    Noise Output <72 dBC at 1 meter
    Sea Water Supply to Heat Exchanger 2 - 6 Gal/Min.
    Ambient Air Temperature 0 - 60 Deg. C (32 - 122 Deg. F)
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