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  • 2 Travelifts to 75MT

  • New Construction

  • Fiberglass & Composite Repair

  • Indoor Heated Paint Booth

  • Thrusters, Props & Shafts

  • Gensets & Stabilizers

  • Bottom Paint 

  • Wood Restorations 

  • Full Electrical Installations

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Heating Systems

  • Hull Buffing & Waxing

  • Rigging & Commissioning

  • Mechanical Installations

  • Mobile Services

Bottom Paint

Bottom Paint

Premium*†                  $48.50/ft

Price includes round trip lift, pressure wash, blocking, standard sanding/bottom prep, paint (choices below) and application.​ 

Standard sanding/bottom prep does not include: loose, flaking, or falling off paint - that may require additional charges. Bottom paint costs for multihulls, aluminum, and steel boats will be quoted individually.

Paint Choices

We use Pettit paints: Trinidad, Odyssey or Vivid

Environmental Fee - additional $2.00/ft.

*Large Boat Handling Fee (over 40') - $275

Travel Lift


One Way Lift*                $9.00/ft

Includes travelift taking vessel from either land to water or water to land.

Survey Lift*                   $9.00/ft

1 hour in slings, does not include surveyor. 

Recommended Surveyors:

  • A. Mazon & Associates - (503) 286-4252

  • Blue Heron - (503) 490-0591

  • Larry Goodson - (360) 903-3524 

  • Dave O'Neill - (360) 597-5473

  • Patrick Devlin - (360) 600-0451

Round Trip Lift*          $12.50/ft

Includes Travelift taking vessel from one location to another and back.


35-metric ton lift, max beam = 15.5'

75-metric ton lift, max beam = 18'

*Large Boat Handling Fee (over 40') - $275

Baot Storage


Lay Days                $4.25/ft/day

Storage of vessels when there is not an active work order.

Mast Lay Days         $10.00/day

Storage of mast when there is not an active work order.

Long Term             $7.00/ft/mo.


Dependent on space available. Storage is 

outside in a fully fenced, locked lot with no power and limited access. 



Labor Rate                  $125.00/hr

  • Engine work from minor servicing to engine re-powers

  • Driveline repairs

  • System installation of water-makers, black water and gray water systems, thru-hulls and more

Solar Panels


Labor Rate                  $125.00/hr

  • Upgrades and installations of new electronics 

  • Transducers, radar, plotters, AIS

  • Raymarine and Garmin dealer

  • House and starter battery upgrades

  • Charging systems and solar panels

  • Thru-hull bonding systems



Labor Rate                  $125.00/hr

  • Full-service rigging shop

  • Full rigging inspections (ask for specials)

  • Mast step or unstep

  • Standing and running rigging

  • Lifelines and gates

  • New masts and booms

  • Mast wiring and electronics

  • Furlers and more



Labor Rate                  $125.00/hr

  • Full-service fabrication shop

  • High-quality stainless steel fabrication

  • State of the art tubing bender

  • Mirror polishing

  • MIG & TIG welding

  • Aluminum welding and fabrication



Labor Rate                  $125.00/hr

  • Gelcoat repair and color match

  • Fiberglass repair

  • Sanding and fairing 

  • Carpentry

  • Keel repair

  • Fabricating custom fiberglass parts

  • Paint and more



Hull and/or Deck       Price Varies

  • Awlgrip

  • Non-skid

  • Boot stripes

  • Vinyl decals

  • Clear coats

  • Additional preparation may require additional charges

Power Wash

Power Wash

Bottom-up to 35' *†        $3.00/ft

​​Includes invasive species inspection.

Bottom-36' & up *†         $4.50/ft

​Includes invasive species inspection.

Environmental Fee - additional $2.00/ft.

*Large Boat Handling Fee (over 40') - $275

Buff & Wax

Buff & Wax

Hull Sides                     $30.00/ft

​Includes exterior publishing and waxing.

Deck/House                 Price Varies

​Includes exterior publishing and waxing.

Yard Charges

Yard Charges

Trailer Fitting            $125.00/hr

​Includes Travelift and one operator.

Cradling on Stands         $100.00

For boats 40' and over - $160.00.

CAD Drawing

CAD Design


Labor Rate                  $135.00/hr

​Systems design and 3D printing.

Offsite Work/Van

Offsite Work

Labor Rate                  $150.00/hr

​Must be within a 25 mile radius of Schooner Creek Boat Works.

Outside Contractor

Outside Contractor

Per Person                 $35.00/hr

Proof of insurance required. Contractors must check into and out of office daily. Failure to check out will result in an 8 hour charge. Actions of the contractor are the sole responsibility of the customer.



*Big boats (over 40 feet) will be subject to a special handling surcharge of $275.00.

†Environmental fee of $2.00 per foot will be assessed for Bottom Paint and Power Wash services.

Hazardous Material Waste Disposal - $5.00/gal

Estimate Policy

Schooner Creek Boat Works gladly provides fixed-rate job estimates free of charge. When the work involves investigating and discovery time on mechanical, electrical, structural, or plumbing systems, an hourly fee is charged at $118.00/hr (30 minute minimum). If Schooner Creek does work related to the estimate, the charge will be credited to the final bill.

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